This collection seeks to fulfill a longing desire to encourage women to depart from the shadows of insecurities and become immune to what others may think. With this purpose in hand, the collection “No Tux Given” was born. This tuxedo inspired collection is the epitome of strength, confidence, and beauty. These foundational words capture the true essence of K. RaShaé. I was inspired by the courage and natural beauty of singer/songwriter Janelle Monae’. Her courage to oppose the grain is enthralling; her commitment to wear her signature black and white tuxedo “uniform” is empowering. These characteristics are personified in each individual piece. Each material entails a story that contributes to the comprehensive theme of the collection.

The collection boasts of rich stretch cloqué-textured fabric, plush faux mink paired with flocculent wool/cashmere, pliable patterned cottons, elaborately woven jacquard patterns and texturized vinyl. There is a certain aura from the fabric that is reminiscent of this brand’s true foundation. 

FW 16 is an evolution of my narrative. It is the beginning of a bold, valiant, and timeless luxury brand that will stay true to its core.

Kalisha Hall