Society tells us that it’s “us versus them”. Woman against woman. Each one trying to live up to an unrealistic standard of beauty that leaves us feeling inadequate, crushing one of our most beautiful qualities: confidence.

It requires a lot of confidence to take on the world. To reject the superficial. Even to fess up to your part in perpetuating the stereotype. That’s right, the struggles we face don’t always come from outside sources. Sometimes they’re internal.

And then it’s no longer you versus society. It’s you versus yourself. Fighting to regain the ability to love yourself. Despite what others may say or think. So you can feel comfortable expressing your individuality once again.

The Versus collection represents this struggle that every woman faces. Recognizes her for what she is: beautiful, strong, valuable. A fighter that walks in faith.

So yes, this is more than a fashion line. It is a call to action.

Kalisha Hall